Baby finger toothbrush

I’ve never been very good with brushing my kids teeth when they are little. I usually forget to do it, or if i remember they screen and throw a fit, so I give up without getting much cleaning done. My husband on the other hand rarely forgets, and doesn’t stop brushing until he is satisfied.  He doesn’t mind if they scream, and said he actually prefers it if they do because they open their mouths wider that way. So there you go.

Anyway, I bought baby O a Finger toothbrush set from Amazon so that we can start brushing the two tiny little teeth that he has. (I received this set at a discounted price. In exchange I am writing this review about my thoughts and experiences with the finger toothbrush set.)

The set came with the finger toothbrush, a case to store it in, and a teething toothbrush. I really like the teething toothbrush because baby O is getting the tip two teeth right now and wants to chew on everything. I don’t think it’s actually cleaning his teeth. He would have to hold it in the exact right angle for it to actually clean his teeth, but I don’t care. It makes him happy and he’s not chewing on my fingers!

As baby O is my fourth kid, I’m no stranger to those tiny toothbrushes. However, the bristles on this one are a little longer than the others I’ve use. They are also softer. The case that came with the set is nice for keeping the finger toothbrush clean, but it would be nice if the teething toothbrush fit in it too.

Whether you are a toothbrushing slacker like me, or a responsible parent like my husband,  every baby needs their first toothbrush. They my not be able to brush their teeth now, but it won’t be long before they do. This finger toothbrush set is a great first set for any mom- to-be, new mom, or little baby in your life. Check them out on!


Chef Remi grilling mats

I was contacted by Chef Remi himself to review a set of grilling mats. I don’t know about anyone else, but getting a personal message from a famous chef made me feel like someone special. (Yeah, yeah, I know. We’re all special.)

So he asks me to review these items, and gives me a great discount as an incentive. So of course I’m like, “Heck yeah, I want some grilling mats for cheap!” But that’s just what I said to myself. My reply said something like, “I would love the opportunity to use your mats and write a review for them.” I didn’t want to scare him away with my enthusiasm!

So i order the mats, and they arrive at my house two days later. My husband was very sceptical of these this mats that look and feel like plastic. He made me do some research before I used them to make sure I wouldn’t be cooking cancer into our food. From what I can tell they checked out okay. So I started up the grill and threw on a couple of eggs and pork chop. I did spray a little cooking spray on to the mat for the eggs but not for the pork chop. I realized right away that my grill was not level as my eggs began sliding towards the edge and dripping into the fire.  I used my spatula to subdue the eggs until the whites firmed up a little.

The pictures aren’t great. It was already getting dark and I was just starting dinner. I’m not very good with time management. Oh well, at least my family got fed.

So I kept a close eye on my eggs and the pork chops. The others just got thrown on the grill without a mat underneath. You know, in case the mat ruined them. We still had to have something for dinner. 

I finished my grilling and brought everything inside. The eggs were cooked perfectly and I didn’t run the pork chops. Thank God!

The Chef Remi grilling mats are a great idea. They make cleanup easy, and you don’t have to worry about what was on the grill before you started cooking. I’m going to put my mats with our camping supplies. We have to clean our Grill because of ants so the mats aren’t as useful at the house as they would be on a camping trip. I always cringe when we are camping and I go to cook on the grills that are provided at the campsites. You never know what someone else was cooking or placed  on those grill. I can just throw down one of my chef Remi Grill mats and Grill away, knowing that my food will not be contaminated. This is a must with our family as we have a gluten sensitivity. So wether you are grilling at home or away, these grill mats are worth having around. Check them out on Amazon!